12 days Round Taiwan Farm-To-Table Gourmet Tour

  • • Sample Taiwan's Michelin-starred soup dumplings
  • • Try locally-grown wine, whisky and hand pick tea in Taiwan's high mountains
  • • Visit an award-winning, local chocolate farm
  • • Learn the ancient art of making soy sauce and make traditional pastry in a DIY class
  • • Roast your own organic coffee beans with an indigenous tribe

Explore the best Taiwanese food on this deep gastronomical tour of the entire island! This extensive food tour will take you from "locals-only" food stalls to Michelin-starred restaurants while keeping your palette satisfied, surprised, and eager for more with local foods and traditions. Start with Taiwan's famous soup dumplings in Taipei before embarking on a rich exploration of locally-grown wines, whisky, tea, tofu, soy sauce, and even chocolate. Try indigenous dishes found nowhere else in the world. Satisfy your taste buds with Taiwan's ultimate food tour!

Dine with locally-sourced ingredients

▴ Dine with locally-sourced ingredients

Sample Taiwan's Michelin-starred soup dumplings

▴ Sample Taiwan's Michelin-starred soup dumplings

Visit an award-winning, local chocolate farm

▴ Visit an award-winning, local chocolate farm

Try local street food

▴ Try local street food

Visit Taiwan’s first whiskey maker-Kavalan

▴ Visit Taiwan’s first whiskey maker-Kavalan


DAY 10
DAY 11
DAY 12

Day 1 / Taipei

Try famous soup dumplings at Taiwan’s Michelin-starred restaurant after an educational walking tour through Taipei's historical landmarks and most treasured museum with 5,000 years of Chinese art, history and culture and end the first day at the well-known night market.

Day 2 / Taipei - Hakka food tour

Enjoy cultural relics and beautiful scenery as you take a bicycle-powered "train ride" through Hakka culture. Then, try Taiwan's locally grown wine before eating traditional Taiwanese food at a classic night market.

Day 3 / Taichung- Sun Moon Lake

Take an electric, luxurious boat ride across Taiwan's largest and most beautiful lake. Then, tour a tea factory and enjoy a tasting of Sun Moon Lake's world-renowned artisan black tea while gaining a deep understanding of the region's devoted tea culture.

Day 4 / Sun Moon Lake - Chiayi

Visit a traditional soy sauce studio where soy sauce is still made over a wooden fire. Stop by an ancient temple, and then head to the food mecca featured on Netflix's "Street Food" series.

Day 5 / Chiayi - Alishan

Enter the Alishan National Park and hand pick tea at a local tea farm with breathtaking views. Enjoy a leisurely hike through the park's natural forest, enjoying Taiwan's mountainous terrain that supports ideal tea growing conditions.

Day 6 / Alishan - Tainan

In the morning, we’ll get up early and hop on the Alishan Forest Railway to catch a glimpse of the area’s famed “sea of clouds” that appear in the hours around dawn. Afterward, we’ll head to Tainan, Taiwan's oldest city to learn about the island's history dating all the way back to the Dutch and Portuguese colonial periods.

Day 7 / Tainan - Kaohsiung

Visit an organic pineapple farm that uses natural farming to sustain pineapples and other fruits and vegetables that grow in harmony on this farmer's land. Enjoy an inmate experience getting to know the farmers with DIY activities that feature the pineapple fruit. End your day making Taiwan's famous pineapple cakes and learn why these pastries are so symbolic in Taiwanese culture.

Day 8 / Pingtong - Taitung

Visit a local, award-winning chocolate farm that combines local ingredients to create innovative novelties. Enjoy a picturesque drive along the Pacific Ocean. Then, dine with a local indigenous tribe.

Day 9 / Taitung Coast: Indigenous fine dining

Explore the roots of Taiwan's food culture with a beautiful bike ride through the famous Chishang rice farms. Meet an indiigenous tribe member who will teach you how to make fleur de sel (fine crystal salt). Then, feast on the creations from a Michelin-star chef that uses and draws inspiration from locally-sourced ingredients.

Day 10 / Taitung Coast: Indigenous coffee farm

Visit an all organic, indigenous-owned coffee farm overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy a rare experience to roast your own coffee beans with the tribe over a wooden fire. Absorb the unique topography of the East Rift Valley during a scenic drive.

Day 11 / Taroko Gorge

Explore the world’s largest marble cliff and blue, turquoise waters at Taroko Gorge. Make an unforgettable stop at Qixingtan beach and spend the night at the natural wonder's most luxurious hotel.

Day 12 / Taroko Gorge - Yilan - Taipei

Enjoy more of Taiwan's beautiful, natural scenery during the drive along the coast. Try Taiwan's internationally-acclaimed Kavalan whisky and take a tour of the distillery before returning to Taipei.

  • Point
    Visit Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the Presidential Palace
  • Meal
    Try Michelin-starred dumplings at Ding Tai Fung (Yong Kang street)
  • Point
    Visit National Palace Museum
  • Point
    Visit the well-known Shilin night market
  • Accomadaiton
    4-star Hotel Day Sonnien Hotel (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Point
    Visit dried persimmon in farm (Sep-Jan only)
  • Experience
    Take a scenic ride on the old mountain line railbike
  • Point
    Visit Hakka old street
  • Experience
    Traditional Hakka old street stroll & DIY Leicha tea experience
  • Accomadaiton
    4-star Park City hotel Taichung (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Point
    Take an electric boat trip across the lake and enjoy great scenery
  • Meal
    Enoy lunch at Sun Moon Lake besides the lake
  • Point
    Visit a quaint tea factory and sample the local black tea (日月老茶廠)
  • Accomadaiton
    4-star LeaLea Garden hotel-SUN (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Point
    Visit the local soy sauce maker and learn how to make soy sauce the traditional way
  • Point
    Visit a 17th century Chaotian Temple
  • Meal
    Try famous snacks introduced by Netflix's "Street Food" series at the Chiayi night market
  • Accomadaiton
    3-star Jiayi Guanzi hotel (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Point
    Visit a tea farm in the Alishan mountains and learn how to pick tea
  • Accomadaiton
    4-star Alishan House (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Point
    Embark on a Tainan Cultural Heritage tour
  • Meal
    Try Tainan's famous bites at at the city's "Old Street"
  • Point
    Explore a Japanese heritage site: the Hayashi Department Store
  • Accomadaiton
    4-star Hotel The Place Tainan (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Point
    Visit a pineapple farm
  • Point
    Visit Dragon and Tiger Pagoda
  • Point
    Visit Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Center
  • Experience
    Handmade traditional Chinese pastry
  • 5-star The Grand HiLai Hotel (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Point
    Visit an award-winning chocolate farm and experience a chocolate tasting
  • Point
    Drive up the beautiful highway along the Pacific Ocean
  • Meal
    Try Indigenous cuisine with a local tribe
  • Accomadaiton
    3 star hotel J Resort (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Activity
    Cycle through the famous Chishang rice farms
  • Meal
    Lunch at Chishang and enjoy the local rice
  • Point
    Meet the 80-year-old grandpa of the Yongfu tribe who has mastered the art of making fleur de sel (crystal salt).
  • Accomadaiton
    Luxury local B&B Adagio Resort (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Point
    Roast your own coffee beans at Haian Coffee, overlooking the Pacific Ocean
  • Point
    Enjoy a scenic drive up the East Rift Valley
  • Point
    Stop at the Tropic of Cancer Marker
  • Accomadaiton
    4 star AZURE HOTEL (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Point
    Explore the breathtaking, natural wonder of Taroko Gorge
  • Accomadaiton
    5-star Hotel Silks Place Taroko (DOUBLE/TWIN) or equivalent
  • Point
    Drive along the picturesque Qingshui Cliff, the largest coastal cliff in Taiwan
  • Point
    Tour Kavalan whisky distillery and sample Taiwan’s award-winning whisky.
  • Pickup
    Return to Taipei
*In the event of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, MyTaiwanTour reserves the right to alter tour itinerary.
  • Meal :
    Breakfast : 11 | Lunch : 5 | Dinner : 4
  • Duration :
    12 days 11 nights
  • Pick-up :
    Your accommodation in Taipei City
  • Drop-Off :
    Your accommodation in Taipei City
  • Group Size :
    2-10 people
  • Language :

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  • Professional English guide
  • All transportation (5-seater sedan or 8-seater van, driver)
  • Admission tickets to all activities on itinerary
  • 11 nights hotel with breakfast
  • Lunch (day 1, day 3, day 6, day 9, day 10)
  • Dinner (day 4, day 5, day 8, day 11)
  • Travel insurance


  • Meals not listed above
  • Any optional activities not on itinerary
  • Gratuity

Cancellation Policy

Tour requires a minimum of 2 guests.
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Cancellations made between 30 and 15 days prior to departure will receive a 90% refund.
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Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to departure are non-refundable.

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