Privacy Policy

We, MyTaiwanTour Travel Service Co., Ltd.(“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “MyTaiwanTour”), value your privacy and take care of your personal information very seriously in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Please kindly read this Privacy Policy before starting any Services of MyTaiwanTour. By visiting or using our Website or Services in any forms, you acknowledge that you accept our Privacy Policy, and you hereby consent MyTaiwanTour is able to collect, use, and share your information as mentioned below. The capitalized terms we used in this Privacy Policy will have same meaning as set out in the Term of Use.

  1. Coverage of our Privacy Policy

    Our Privacy Policy includes the practices and terms of personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) which we, MyTaiwanTour, collect from you when you using our Website.

    No Personal Information under the age of 13 will be collected knowingly by us. Please do not register our Website or provide any of your information to us. If we are aware that any information of anyone under 13 was provided to us without parental consent, such information will be deleted as soon as practicable. Please contact us at {{ Config::get("mtt_info.SERVICE_MAIL") }}, if you reasonably believe such information is held by us.

  2. You Information Collected by Us

    For providing you with better services, you acknowledge that we will collect and use your Personal Information:

    1. Information Provided by You:

      You Personal Information knowingly provided to us will be received, collected and stored by MyTaiwanTour. We may anonymize your Personal Information not in individually identified form, and provide such information to our partners.

      Your Personal Information received, collected and stored may include but not limit to your name, email address, home address, browser information, cookies, travel preferences and Ticket purchases, and third-party account credentials (for example, your log-in credentials for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google or other third party websites).

      When your third-party account credentials are provided, you acknowledge that some information of your third-party accounts (“Third Party Account Information”) may be transmitted into your account of MyTaiwanTour if you authorize such transmissions by clicking yes box, and that Third Party Account Information transmitted to our website is covered by this Privacy Policy.

      You have rights to not provide us with your Personal Information partially or fully and you realize that without your Personal Information we may not be able to provide Services to you or you may not be able to register our website.

    2. Browser Information:

      When using our website, you acknowledge that your browser information may be received and recorded automatically by our server, including your IP address, cookie information, and your requested web page. You have options to set your browser preferences to reject the acceptance of cookies and you also understand that the rejection may disable some features of our website you may use. As to third party websites which transmit cookies to you after your link to it, you shall review the Privacy Policy of such third party website.

      We may collect your usage information, such as the numbers and frequency of visitors to the website/preference to web pages, and such information will only be used in aggregate form, for improving our services and not in a manner that would identify you personally.

    3. E-mail and Other Contacts:

      Your email, mobile or other means which you provide to us may received our promotional offers from us or correspondence with you for your website use. You have options to not receive email or correspondence from us. If you choose not to receive any information from us, please inform us at {{ Config::get("mtt_info.SERVICE_MAIL") }}

      Please note any legal notices/announcements we made for changes of policies, or terms will govern your use of the website even if you choose not to receive any notice from us.

  3. Limited Sharing of Your Information

    Your Personal Information will never be sold or rented to anyone by us in personally identifiable form. We will only share your Personal Information with:

    1. Strategic Businesses and Third Party Websites:

      In certain situations, businesses or third party websites not affiliated with us may sell items or provide services to you through our website individually or jointly with us. You acknowledge that we will share your Personal Information as necessary and relevant to such strategic business when you require such transaction or service.

      Please pay attention to the policies of the third party websites which we are not responsible for and have no control over when you choose to engage any transaction or services with such strategic business.

    2. Supports:

      We may retain other supports to assist our performance and provision of products and services to you on our behalf by sharing your Personal Information. Our supports are not allowed to use your Personal Information we shared outside the purpose of our performance and provision of products and Services to you.

    3. Compliance of Local Regulations:

      To comply with local regulations or court orders and to protect the rights, property, interest or safety of you, MyTaiwanTour, our users or others, we may reserve the right to disclose, access or store any personal information or exchange personal information with other organizations, entities, courts or local authorities for fraud and credit risk prevention and reduction or for any other lawful purposes.

    4. Your Consent:

      Except to those aforementioned, your Personal Information will only be shared with third parties in personally identifiable form with your consent.

  4. Protection of Personal Information

    Through your password, your privacy is secured and your account is protected. Unauthorized access/entry to your account shall be prevented by changing your password from time to time, protecting your password at any time, signing off each time when finishing using your account and anything enhancing your security of password.

    We will make commercial reasonable efforts to protect and secure your personal information. You understand that hacking, server crash, hardware/software failure, unauthorized entry or use or anything alike may compromise the security of your personal information and you acknowledge that we will endeavor to restore your security.

    Through this website, You may link to other websites which we are not responsible for the privacy policies and/or security practices. For your own protection, please read the privacy policy of that website carefully.

  5. Access to Your Personal Information

    You will be able to access the following information provided by you and edit or delete it as reasonably required through the account settings:



    Email address

    Any user profile information which can identify you

    It may be subject to the changes of our website when viewing, updating and deleting your information. You may contact us for any questions in this regards via {{ Config::get("mtt_info.SERVICE_MAIL") }}.

    Under the applicable laws, you may be entitled to ask us for a notice identifying the categories of Personal Information which we share with our affiliates and/or third parties for marketing purposes, and providing contact information for such affiliates and/or third parties. If you are entitled to do so and requiring a copy of this notice, please send a written request to {{ Config::get("mtt_info.SERVICE_MAIL") }}.

    After you update your information by editing or deleting as aforementioned, the original (unrevised) information may be maintained in our data base and still used without identifying you individually.

  6. Options for You about Your Personal Information

    You have options to disclose or not to disclose your Personal Information to us. Also you are fully aware that with your non-disclosure, we will not be able to provide Services as expected due to the lack of the required information.

  7. Policy Change

    You acknowledge this Privacy Policy may be amended by us from time to time.

    Your information collected, shared and used by us is subject to the then current Privacy Policy in effect.

    We will send you an email or post a public announcement about our changes or amendments to this Privacy Policy. It will be deemed as your confirmation that you submit yourself to such changes or amendment if you use our website after the first announcement of such changes or amendments.

  8. Contact Us

    If you have any problems or questions about our Privacy Policy, feel free to send your valuable comments or queries to

This Privacy Policy is effective from April, 28, 2013.

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