Frequently Asked Questions

Booking your MyTaiwanTour
After choosing your departure date and number of travelers on the tour page, click Book Now. This will take you to the Reservations page. After filling out the necessary information, you’ll be guided to the Checkout page. Once your payment is processed, you’ll instantly receive an email confirmation letter.
No worries. Contact us by phone (+886-2-2562-5005) or email and we’ll do our best to get you on a tour that fits your travel dates or put you on a tour with other guests.
You’ll be contacted by customer service two days before the tour begins with time, exact place, and full contact information for your driver and guide.
MyTaiwanTour currently takes Visa and MasterCard.
In addition to having an amazing time with us, you’ll also have an experience fully covered by travel insurance covering medical expenses, personal accident coverage, accidental death and disability. Your passport information is required by Taiwanese law for insurance purposes.
Taking Your MyTaiwanTour
Taiwan law takes the profession of tour guide very seriously. Prospective guides in Taiwan spend several months in training before taking a government test that’s administered only once a year. MyTaiwanTour guides are next level awesome, not merely professionally accredited, but passionate...about their jobs, about Taiwan, and about their own broad areas of interest and expertise. As far as language proficiency goes, all MyTaiwanTour guides are fluent in English and Mandarin, and most have an additional language such as Japanese, French, German or Korean under their belts.

MyTaiwanTour guides know Taiwan, love Taiwan, and love sharing their knowledge, passion and expertise with visitors.
Packages differ from tour to tour, but all multi-day tours include hotel accommodations, daily breakfast (usually a buffet), as well as activities and admission fees to all places mentioned in the itinerary. Some also include other meals as well. Single-day tours include all activities mentioned in itinerary. All tours include full transportation costs and the services of an enthusiastic English-speaking guide.
Check out the details section for each product for full details, and when in us!
Some of our tours include trips to places like night markets, where (with the exception of all-inclusive food tours) guests are expected to pay for their own food. Night market food tends to be pretty inexpensive, and NT$500 (US$15) is generally more than you’ll need. Certain tours have other optional activities. As a rule of thumb, if it’s on the itinerary, it’s included in the price.
Our Cancellation policy
Since our tour groups are kept pretty small (2-12 guests) this rarely happens, but if it does we’ll contact you between 48-24 hours prior to the tour’s start time and offer to put you on an alternative tour of similar duration, itinerary and price. If you chose not to take it, you’ll be given a full refund.
Cancellation policy differs from tour to tour, and some penalties may apply. In general, the closer you get to the tour date before cancelling, the higher the penalty. Please check the cancellation policy of each tour for specific details.
Depending on the nature of the weather and the tour itself, the tour will either be rerouted, rescheduled or cancelled. In the event of cancellation due to force majeure (typhoon, for example), guests will be refunded the tour price. In certain cases handling fees (never more than 5%) may still be incurred due to hotel booking and transportation costs.
Other Frequently Asked Questions
Day tours are scheduled tours that are one day or less (usually less). Day tours never include accommodations, but always include guide services, transportation, admission fees to any venues listed on the itinerary, and sometimes food. Day tours have minimum and maximum guest numbers, so depending on the tour you may be sharing your tour experience with other travelers.
Click here for a full list of (and details about) MyTaiwanTour day tours.

Multi-day tours are scheduled tours lasting between two and ten days that go all over Taiwan. Multi-day tours always include guide services, accommodations, daily breakfasts, all transportation costs, admission fees to any venues listed on the itinerary. Multi-day tours have minimum and maximum guest numbers, so depending on the tour you may be sharing your tour experience with other travelers.
Click here for a full list of (and details about) MyTaiwanTour multi-day tours.

Custom tours are tours not listed on our website that are custom designed between the guests, venues and guides. Customized tours are more flexible, with venues, stops and schedules being chosen in advance by the guests. Customized tours tend to be more expensive, usually running about US$300 up per day per person depending on variables like travel dates, venues, number of guests and so forth. Group size for custom tours are dictated by the guests themselves.

Click here for more details about custom tours.
Pretty much anyplace in Taipei City, and anyplace around Taipei city (think Wulai to Yamingshan to Keelung and everywhere in between). If you’ve got specific places in mind, let your guide know. If you have general ideas (like “Today I’d like to soak in a traditional Japanese hot spring, get a massage, visit a Buddhist temple that tourists don’t know about, buy a new laptop, go birdwatching and eat a meal incorporating both traditional Chinese and Tribal elements”) let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
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