Best Places to Visit in Taipei City

Best Places to Visit in Taipei City

Taipei is a captivating blend of old-world charm and modern innovation, seamlessly merging historical and contemporary elements. If you have the luxury of just one day to explore, there are key destinations that offer a glimpse into the diverse facets of this dynamic city. These locations serve as windows to Taipei's rich history and its vibrant present, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds during your brief visit.


1.  Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

The Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei has a special blue and white look and is very important in history. Inside, there's a big statue of a former president. You can see the guards change every hour and explore the museum. 


2. Taipei 101

If you're planning a trip to Taiwan, don't miss Taipei 101. It's a famous building that shows off Taiwan's culture and amazing architecture. You can go up to the very top and see a great view of the city. There's also a shopping mall nearby where you can try delicious food at Din Tai Fung. To see the best view from Taipei 101, join MyTaiwanTour's Taipei 101 Top Floor Tour.


3. National Palace Museum

Famous across the globe for its impressive collection of ancient Chinese artworks and artifacts, The National Palace Museum is a prominent attraction in Taipei's Shilin district. Welcoming countless visitors each year, this museum showcases extraordinary pieces like the Meat-shaped Stone and the Jadeite Cabbage. And don't forget to explore the NPM's southern branch in Chiayi, where you'll find a rich display of art and cultural treasures from all over Asia. Discover these wonders with MyTaiwanTour's Ultimate Taipei Day Tour.


4. The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel, Taiwan's first five-star establishment, stands as a magnificent 14-story structure resembling a Chinese palace. Its distinctive red pillars, golden roof tiles, and ornate design reflect Eastern architectural splendor. Adorned with classical artworks like "Along the River During the Qingming Festival," the hotel has welcomed over 2,000 dignitaries, including former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower and King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. This iconic landmark is a historic masterpiece, once the site of the Japanese-era Taiwan Grand Shrine.


5. Longshan Temple

Built by Chinese immigrants from Fujian province during the 18th century, Longshan Temple is a traditional Chinese religious temple situated in Taipei’s Wanhua district. Referred to as Bangka Longshan Temple due to its association with Wanhua, the temple features a blend of Buddhist influences and dedicated altars to multiple deities, including the sea goddess Mazu.


6. Nung Chan Monastery

Designed by architect Kris Yao, Nung Chan Monastery is a modern masterpiece known for its minimalist elegance. Originally a farmhouse founded by Venerable Master Dongchu in 1975, it later expanded under Venerable Master Sheng Yen's guidance. Set against a backdrop of mountains and the Water-Moon Dharma Center, the monastery's tranquil atmosphere is enhanced by its white and gray tones, clean lines, and balanced asymmetry.


7. Ningxia Night Market

Ningxia Night Market, a popular night market in the city, is a favorite among locals. You'll find a wide variety of delicious Taiwanese street food here. Don't forget to try the Michelin Guide-recommended dishes: Fang Chia Shredded Chicken Rice, Liu Yu Zi’s Fried Taro Balls, and Rong’s Pork Liver. Make sure to save some room in your stomach!


8. Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung, renowned globally for its iconic xiaolongbao, has become a household name. Yet, it's a must to savor this delicacy right here in Taiwan at least once! The uniform ginger shreds, the delicate xiaolongbao skin, and the meticulous eighteen pleats on each Din Tai Fung dumpling – everything is crafted to perfection, and the taste is incomparable to branches outside Taiwan. While you're in the vicinity, be sure to visit their branch within Taipei 101 mall. To skip the long waiting line, consider grabbing a Din Tai Fung Meal voucher (Menu C) in advance.


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