Recommended Tour Around Taiwan - A Journey of Connection

Recommended Tour Around Taiwan - A Journey of Connection

Arriving from France, our guest's inaugural visit to Asia led her to Taiwan due to a meaningful connection. Guided by MyTaiwanTour, her bond deepened with this captivating country. Her link to Taiwan comes through her daughter-in-law. Learning Chinese to comprehend her daughter-in-law, her family, and Taiwanese culture, she first visited Tainan for her son's wedding. The outdoor banquet introduced her to the country's joys and flavors.

With MyTaiwanTour, she explored Taroko Gorge, ascended Hehuan Wuling for sweeping mountain views, and experienced Sun Moon Lake's energy. The Wen Wu Temple's tale, shared by guide Kevin Su, resonated, linking to her daughter-in-law's father, a Buddha statue craftsman.

Enriched by practicing Chinese with Kevin, she absorbed Taiwanese culture and history, sharing stories along the way. Armed with cherished memories, she returns to France eager to share Taiwan's wonders with friends.


Eager to create these incredible memories for yourself? Why not start planning your trip to Taiwan? Simply outline the destinations you wish to explore and complete our form. A MyTaiwanTour agent will take care of the rest! Uncertain about your itinerary? Explore our Around Taiwan 8 Day Private Tour (Classic) option, which covers the same places visited by the customer in the story.


Here's a glimpse of the destinations covered by this exclusive private tour:


  • Hakka pound tea (Leicha)


  •  Sun Moon Lake


  • Alishan


  • Buddhist monastery


  • Chishang


  • Qixingtan Beach


  • Taroko National Park



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