Jiufen - A Place of Remembrance

Jiufen - A Place of Remembrance


A second-generation Chinese family from Aruba embarked on a poignant journey to Taiwan, seeking solace and connection. They embarked on the Jiufen and Pingxi Day Tour, embarking on an exploration of the picturesque town of Shifen, renowned for Taiwan's annual lantern festival. Guided by our attentive tour guide, they entered a custom lantern shop, greeted by an array of vibrant lanterns. Amid delicate hues and intricate designs, they discovered a means to convey their profound emotions. Together, they thoughtfully chose lanterns and observed the skilled shop owner deftly assembling their selected pieces.

In a quiet corner of the shop, they began a creative process that transcended artistic creation. With utmost care, they adorned the lanterns with words that bore the weight of their feelings. In heartfelt letters, they inscribed, "I <3 Jordan. Always with us. Keep us safe." As the lanterns took form, so did their collective memory of their beloved son, Jordan. Guided by their profound emotions, they walked towards the nearby railroad tracks, the lanterns cradled in their hands.

With a shared breath and a moment of unity, they raised the lanterns to the night sky. The warm glow illuminated their heartfelt message, sending it soaring across the horizon. As their lanterns gently ascended, they released not just light, but a profound sense of connection and remembrance, enveloping them in an embrace of shared love and cherished memories.


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