9 Must-Visit Places Near Jiufen

9 Must-Visit Places Near Jiufen

Located an hour north of Taipei in New Taipei's Ruifang district (瑞芳), Jiufen (九份) is a charming and popular town known for its picturesque beauty. Originally built outside an active gold mine during Taiwan's Japanese occupation, Jiufen is famous for its fascinating history, including its past as a POW camp and its alleged inspiration for Hayao Miyazaki's renowned animated film, Spirited Away. Along with nearby Jinguashi (金瓜石), the area offers much more than its famous old street, making it an enticing destination to explore. Here is a guide to some of the must-do activities when you visit Jiufen. 


Places to Visit and Things to Do Around Jiufen

1. Jiufen Old Street (九份老街)

Although Jiufen offers more than just its old street, visiting this vibrant area is a must when you're in town. It's a foodie's paradise, brimming with shops, stalls, cafes, and a kaleidoscope of colors. Indulge in a wide array of local delicacies, from fish ball soup and xiaolongbao to stinky tofu and sweet taro ball soup, making it an unforgettable culinary experience. 


2. Amei Teahouse (阿妹茶樓)


In addition to the mouthwatering street food in Jiufen, there are several tea houses where visitors can unwind and savor teas like tieguanyin and Alishan high mountain tea while relishing the scenic sea view. Among these tea houses, the A-Mei Teahouse shines brightest. Located in a sprawling building that once housed Jiufen's sole blacksmith shop, it is a true gem. Like other teahouses in Jiufen, it remains open late, allowing patrons to enjoy the spectacular night views until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays, and until midnight on other days. The building's captivating architecture is beautifully preserved and maintained, making it a popular subject for photography. Immerse yourself in tea culture with our Jiufen Night Tour! (photo credit: Instagram @akuei_17 )


3. Gold Museum (黃金博物館)

Just ten minutes past Jiufen, in nearby Jinguashi, lies the Museum of Gold, also known as Jinguashi Gold Ecological Museum or New Taipei City Gold Museum. This two-floor museum showcases the history of the gold mining industry in Taiwan and beyond, with its highlight being a 220kg ingot of 99.9% pure gold on the second floor. You can enjoy activities like gold panning and exploring a former functioning gold mine, as well as visit exhibition halls, art displays, and old Japanese residences. Don't miss the picturesque sea and natural views from the museum/ecological park.


4. Teapot Mountain (茶壺山) 

Starting inside the grounds of the Gold Museum, be prepared for a challenging hike at Teapot Mountain. The trailhead, located near Tunnel #5, leads you on a steep dirt road all the way up to the top of Teapot Mountain, named after the rocks resembling a teapot. Remember to wear suitable footwear and take sun protection like sun cream and hats, as most of the trail is exposed to the elements. Avoid the height of summer for a more comfortable hike.


5. Jinguashi Shinto Shrine (黃金神社)

Also near Tunnel #5, you'll find the Jinguashi Shinto Shrine, also known as the Ōgon Shrine. It's a 20-minute walk uphill or accessible while looping back down from Teapot Mountain's top. The photogenic temple ruins feature two torii gates, pillars, and stone foundations. Although not in its original state, the shrine, built by the Japan Mining Company in 1933, offers a breathtaking view well worth the climb. You can reach the shrine by taking a 15-minute walk from the museum or by bus to Jinguashi.


6. Golden Waterfall (黃金瀑布)

Jinguashi's most renowned golden attraction is the Golden Waterfall, named after the golden hue of both the water and rocks. These rocks are remnants of pyrite and other minerals collected from the area's old mines. As the sun's rays gently kiss the waters, the Golden Waterfall's brilliance comes to life, casting a golden glow that enchants all who behold it.


7. Ying Yang Sea

As the water from the Golden Waterfall cascades into a nearby harbor, a graceful merging occurs, as it seamlessly blends with the surrounding seawater. This natural union results in the creation of a mesmerizing small bay, displaying two distinct colors that beautifully blend together, while still maintaining a clear and fascinating division between them. The enchanting sight of these two hues harmoniously coexisting in the bay captivates the imagination and offers a captivating display of nature's artistry at work. Visitors to this breathtaking scene will find themselves mesmerized by the magical interplay of colors, leaving them with a lasting impression of the Golden Waterfall's unique beauty and its artistic fusion with the sea.


8. Pingxi Sky Lantern (平溪天燈)

The Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is one of the most popular things to do in Taiwan. Each day, hundreds of visitors visit northern Taiwan's Pingxi township, located just 40 minutes away by driving from Jiufen, to take part in the creation, decoration, and launching of DIY Sky Lanterns. Once part of a broader celebration held specifically as part of the greater Lunar New Year festival, in recent years the festival has morphed into more of a destination-based activity rather than an annual festival available only at certain times during the year. Launching a sky lantern with a few thoughts and prayers has become a Taiwan bucket list experience.


9. Shifen Waterfall (十份大瀑布)

After arriving at shifen old street, the hike from the town to the falls is easy and delightful, following a well-trodden path that passes an old bridge and historic train tracks used for coal transportation in the past. Spanning approximately 40 meters wide and 20 meters high, the Shifen Waterfall stands as Taiwan's largest waterfall, marking the upper reaches of the Keelung River. The cascading water creates a captivating mist that often forms a stunning rainbow, earning the fall the unofficial nickname "The pond of rainbows." Needless to say, the area offers abundant picturesque scenery perfect for photography.


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