Customizing travel, or Infinite diversity in infinite combination

As an exceptionally warm and eventful September gives way to a (presumably) cooler October, I find myself reflecting on two important events of the past month, events that are on the surface unrelated but that I, in true gonzo journalist tradition, plan to not merely connect, but to do so in a way that makes sense. The first of the two events is that September has seen MyTaiwanTour busily creating customized tours for a series of bloggers, journalists and other influencers visiting Taiwan as part of an ongoing program sponsored by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. The program, called Live Like a Local, differs from standard FAM trips (of which I’ve done plenty as a travel writer) in a few ways. Rather than coming as a group, the influencers are all visiting individually. And Instead of being carted around on group tours, they’re traveling independently, charting their own courses based on…