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Halloween in Taiwan

Halloween isn’t a traditional Taiwanese holiday. So why do general stores around the island stock up on costumes, candy, and items that clearly have little use outside of Halloween (fake severed limbs, rubber eyeballs and more) in October? The answer? Because Kids demand it! Which is kind of funny, because 25 years ago the only kids in Taiwan who really knew about Halloween were those who’d spent time in western countries or had expat English teachers who didn’t see any harm in getting their cram-school classes jacked up on sugar every October 31st. These days, most kids in Taiwan look forward to October 31st, though they call it Wànshèngjié (萬聖節 – or million spirits festival). Wànshèngjié in Taiwan isn’t quite the cultural phenomenon of Halloween in America, but it is a big enough deal to make hastily assembled displays complete with tons of candy and a few rubber eyeballs a…