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Running Up 101: The Ultimate Taipei Experience

  Editor’s Note: The Taiwan Scene editorial board would like to apologize for our post of April 1, 2018, Taipei 101 to Begin Multi-Nation Tour . That post was obviously false. The editor responsible has been sent for retraining. The following post, however, is absolutely true. Want to enjoy the spectacular 360 degree view from the observation deck of Taipei 101 without having to wait in line for the elevator? Have you considered taking the stairs? Before answering that question, keep in mind that there are 2,046 of them between the ground floor and the observation deck. Crazy, challenging, and for the out of shape potentially suicidal, but if you’re looking for an Ultimate Taipei Experience, the Annual Taipei 101 Run Up may be your cup of tea. The History of the Taipei 101 Run Up The run up Taipei 101 belongs to the category of extreme sports known as Tower Running,…