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Taipei 101 to Begin Multi-Nation Tour

Taipei, Taiwan (4/1/2018) – In a press conference held earlier today, Taiwan Minister of Unspecified Services Kai Wan-xiao announced that Taiwan’s landmark Taipei 101 building would be sent on a year-long, multi-nation tour beginning this month. “As Taiwan increases its presence on the world tourism stage, many around the globe have expressed a desire to experience Taiwan,” said the Minister. “Sadly, for reasons of time and money, not everyone can make the trip. So we have decided to bring Taiwan to the world!” The 509.2 meter tower, which held the title of world’s tallest building from 2004 until 2010, will be disassembled and shipped by plane to Vatican City, the first destination on its tour in mid-June. Once in the Holy See, Taipei 101 will be re-assembled on top of a five-story pit dug to hold the structure’s underground mall, while the 3600+ Taiwanese nationals employed in shops, restaurants and…