The Family that Rides Together: Around the world with Céline and Xavier Pasche

When Céline and Xavier Pasche left Switzerland by bicycle in 2010, they had no real fixed route in mind. Their goal was merely to begin cycling, and their only agenda was to go where their bicycles took them and to trust the road completely. Since then, eight years have passed, and the cycling duohas turned into a cycling quartet. Their first daughter, Nayla, was born four and a half years ago, and their second, Phoebe, is less than a year old. Both were born on the road. Cycling, says Xavier, is an ideal way to discover the culture of a place, to see the landscape, and to fully experience the world. “We travel slowly, and stop when we want and wherever we like,” says Xavier. Their journey has thus far taken them to over 35 countries. Beginning in Switzerland, Céline and Xavier crossed through Eastern Europe and the Middle East,…