Taipei Celebrates Our Pride

There’s never been a better time for GLBTQ travelers to come to Taiwan. Arguably Asia’s most progressive country (Taiwan’s military struck down sexuality-based discrimination way back in 2002), just this year our highest court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, clearing the way for full marriage equality. And if there’s never been a better time to visit Taiwan, there’s no better time of year than late October. For starters, the weather is great, with the hot summer behind and wet winter yet to come. More importantly, October is when Taipei’s Pride festival, the largest Gay event in Taiwan and a major global pride event occurs. The 2017 Taipei Pride Parade Though you can expect Taipei to be even more festive than its usual baseline hyper-festive throughout October, the parade itself is definitely the peak event. This year’s parade will kick off at 1:30 PM on October 28th with a massive gathering…

Taiwan Rolls Out the Welcome Mat

Though our blog is centered on things Taiwan I’ll be starting this post on another island, one which I called home only briefly. I’ll wind it back to Taiwan, I promise. In the summer of 2001, I found myself living in Newfoundland. I was following Lao Tzu’s maxim on travel, the one about a good traveler having no fixed plans and not being intent on arriving, and spent a month or so just hitchhiking around before finally settling for a spell in the city of St. John’s. I wound up sticking around longer than intended, partially because the place was so beautiful, and partially because I found the people of Newfoundland so overwhelmingly friendly. Newfoundlanders have a unique charm, and as a Come From Away (which is what Newfoundlanders call visitors), I was treated quite well. Strangers bought me dinner (fish and chips, and a few more exotic dishes like…