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Xiao Liuqiu Island: Pearl of Taiwan’s Southwest Coast

Coral filled seas, salty air and beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see. All this and more await visitors on Xiao Liuqiu, a charming little island is located about 15 KM west of Taiwan’s southwestern coast in Pingtung county. Looking to get off the beaten path? First, you have to get there. Getting to and around Liuqiu Unless your name is Michael Phelps, the only way to get to Liuqiu is by taking a 30-minute ferry ride from Donggang in Pingtung county. As with most other off-island excursions in Taiwan, you’ll need to bring your passport or ARC to get on the boat. Once you’ve reached Dafu port (the only port on the island), travel around the island is easy. There are shuttle buses as well as bicycles and motorcycles for hire. The island itself is small, just a shade under 7 square kilometers, so…