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8 Taiwanese foods that you don’t even know you need to try (yet)!

OK, We know what you’re thinking! “Oh no, not another one “must try Taiwan” food lists! Those are so lao geng (老梗,cliché).” But stick with us, because we’re going in a bit of different direction here. You’ve already read about Taiwan’s amazing beef noodle soup, and if you haven’t already crossed stinky tofu off your foodie bucket list by this point, you’ve probably made the conscious choice to stay away from the stuff. So with this list, we’re not going to be mentioning any of those dishes. In fact, to avoid falling into cliche territory, we’ve established some ground rules. (Read more: Food, Glorious Food!) To make this list, an item needs fit at least three of the following four categories: Only found in Taiwan (or at least primarily found in Taiwan). Currently trending in Taiwan, I.e., things we’re seeing in night markets in 2017 that we weren’t seeing 5…