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Eight Questions about Travel Safety in Taiwan

Taiwan boasts a stable democracy, a prosperous economy, a gun-free society and a friendly population. Unsurprisingly, it’s also considered among the world’s safest travel destinations. But Taiwan is still part of the real world, and as the saying goes…Stuff happens. In this article we’ll take an unflinching look at where Taiwan stands where travel safety is concerned.  Q1. Crime : “Can I walk the streets at night?” Violent street crime is extremely rare in Taiwan. The most commonly reported crime is pickpocketing, but even this is fairly uncommon and easily prevented. Avoid carrying wallets and mobile phones in your back pocket. If you walk around a night market with an open backpack, you’re more likely to be approached by a helpful local reminding you to zip it shut than you are to actually have anything stolen. Solo female travelers generally consider Taiwan among the safest places in Asia, but (as with…