Sky High-Climbing Up to the Roof of Taiwan: A Wushe to Mt. Hehuan Excursion

Text: Rick Charette Photos: Chen Cheng-kuo Mountain scenery of Mt. Hehuan On a three-day adventure along the Central Cross-Island Highway in the Nantou County section of the soaring Central Mountain Range, I visit Wushe, an indigenous town best known for being at the center of the last great uprising against the Japanese during the 1895-1945 Japanese colonial period; enjoy the eagle-view scenery and ranch experience at mountainside-hugging Qingjing Farm; revel in the grand experience of being at eye level with scores of peaks above 3,000 meters at Wuling, Taiwan’s highest paved-road point; hike and walk high-mountain trails; lose myself in a sunrise perched on a spot over 3,200 meters up; feast on the culinary inventions of mainland China’s Baiyi people; visit a Baiyi settlement; watch Taiwan’s Sediq tribe members weave cloth the traditional way; watch thrilling horse-riding acrobatics performed by an outer Mongolian troupe; visit local museums, … Let’s be…

Gorge Soaring – The Views of Eagles along Taroko Gorge’s Trails

Text: Rick Charette Photos: Chen Cheng-kuo Taroko Gorge’s (太魯閣峽谷) wonderful trails give you thrilling all-natural highs – up high on mountainsides and cliffsides, and with soaring spirits just as high. On Zhuilu Historic Trail in Taroko Gorge One trail, the Zhuilu Historic Trail, brings you up so high on a sheer cliff face that you must almost look down at your feet to see the gorge-bottom highway. The narrow path between cliff-face and sky leaves you feeling as though you’re soaring like an eagle, peering down far, far below at colorful tour buses and motorcycles that appear far smaller than if you had Hot Wheels cars – just by chance – placed at your feet at the precipice edge. Of course, if not looking for thrills quite so high, the wide selection of Taroko Gorge trails lets you mix to precisely match your desired intensity level. Whichever you choose, thrilling…