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Seven Star Mountain, a Hike You Cannot Miss While in Taipei

Though I’ve lived in Taipei over 20 years, I’d never made it to the top of the city’s iconic Mt. Qixing, or Seven Star Mountain, known for its riveting views of Taipei, the mountains beyond, and of the rugged, whitecap-washed north coast. Today was the day, the scenic Mt. Qixing Trail my path into the north Taiwan sky.   I was a short distance from the Taipei Main Station launch-point for my group on a MyTaiwanTour guided hike to the Seven star mountain’s main and east peaks (9am departure, return 6~8 hours later). However my own launch-point was a symbolic one, Taipei’s historic North Gate a popular tourist site. The gate points directly at the main peak of Seven Star Mountain to the north, supposedly aligning the area’s positive natural energies, allowing good feng shui energy pour in. I peered through the archway tunnel from the south side and, sure enough,…