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Gluten Free Eating in Taiwan (Part Two): Wheat Free Snacks and Gluten Free Night Market Fare

Last week we discussed ways to eat gluten free in Taiwanese restaurants. This week, we’ll move onto snacks and street food. Barbecue,  mentioned in last week’s article  bears mentioning here as well, since meat on a stick is found everywhere. The same rules apply on the street as in a sit-down restaurant. Just say I am allergic to soy sauce (我對醬油過敏 / Wǒ duì jiàngyóu guòmǐn), perhaps adding Don’t add sauce (不要加醬Bùyào jiā jiàng), as wheat is sometimes used as a thickening agent for sauces. (Chicken ass on a stick is surprisingly tasty, and unless it’s been marinated in soy sauce, wheat free.) Stinky Tofu / 臭豆腐 / Chòu dòufu The king of Taiwanese night market foods, this dish made from a block of fermented tofu that’s been chopped up, deep fried to a golden brown and served with hot sauce and pickled cabbage is admittedly not everyone’s cup of…