Food in Taiwan


Taiwan’s Shittiest Restaurant

Declaring any single eatery The best restaurant in Taiwan is ridiculous. (Though kudos to CNN.COM for doing their level best with this article about Chef André Chiang RAW.  Taiwan has too many excellent restaurants to make any such proclamation a subjective crapshoot at best. Naming Taiwan’s shittiest restaurant isn’t a problem.   Modern Toilet is a Taipei institution. It’s been featured on CNN, the Travel Channel and a thousand blogs and magazine articles written by writers in search of the bizarre. I’ve visited the place twice myself, once for Lonely Planet, and another time on a date. Not sure what I was thinking there. I wasn’t impressed with the place either time. When Pablo, a Spanish writer currently living in LA who I’d offered to act as guide on his last night in Taipei, tells me he had yet to fully complete his research for an article he’d been assigned…

Headin’ East – Into Greater Taipei’s Tea Country

Text by Rick Charette About In the great jumbled mass of high hills and low mountains between the city of Taipei and the northeast coast are the quaint, timeless towns of Pinglin (坪林) and Shiding (石碇). The word “towns” is now officially a misnomer – each is at the center of what is termed a “district” of the same name in sprawling New Taipei City, inaugurated in 2010, which encircles Taipei. The waters of the small, twisting, shallow rivers that meander through the towns run down into the Taipei Basin, where the urban cores of Taipei/New Taipei City are found, then off to sea at Tamsui port on the north coast. The waters are pristine. The area’s long, serpentine Feicui Reservoir (翡翠水庫), inaugurated in 1987, is source of the majority of Taipei/New Taipei City treated water. To ensure water quality, pig farms, rice-paddy farms, and other polluting industries in…