Climate in Taiwan


Dressing for the weather in Taiwan

It’s been said that Taiwan has two seasons: Wet, hot summers and cool, damp winters. This, of course, is an oversimplification that fails to take into account the difference between northern and southern Taiwan, our fair island’s many micro-climates, a deceptively charming sounding plum rain season, a spot-on sounding typhoon season, global climate change, and other factors beyond the scope of this humble article designed to help you pack for your upcoming Taiwan visit. So let’s keep it simple, starting with a few basic and usually reliable generalities about Taiwan’s climate: The cooler months usually begin around November and last until March. The warmer months begin in April and last until around October. Peak heat comes in July and August, and can get very hot (especially with humidity factored in). The further south you go, the more likely it is to be warm even during the cool months. The closer…