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15 suggestions for a day in Dadaocheng

If strolling through scenic history-drenched streets filled with cultural attractions, unique shopping venues and an abundance of great food is your thing, Taipei’s Dadaocheng neighborhood is well worth a visit. The neighborhood just north of Taipei’s Bei Men , or north gate station become increasingly popular with travelers over the past few years (much to the bemusement of locals, who’ve been hanging out here since the late Qing dynasty). While we haven’t been coming here that long, we do remember the days when the sight of a western tourist was enough to turn a head or two, which gives us an interesting perspective on the area. Here then is a 15-point primer designed to help you make the most of your own experience in Dadaocheng: 1. Do your sightseeing from North to South The further south you go in the neighborhood, the more crowded things get, with the epicenter of…