Art in Taiwan


Taiwan Culture Blooms at InBlooom, Taipei’s hippest fabric art shop

Dadaocheng is a busy neighborhood on most days, especially in the weeks leading up to the Lunar New Year holidays. But even on the busiest days things are usually a bit quieter on two blocks west, which is where you’ll find InBlooom, a shop specializing in both selling print goods and in teaching Taiwanese printing art to locals and visitors alike. Taiwan Scene sat down with InBlooom co-founder Ama Shen to talk about the elusive nature of Taiwanese art and culture, the transformation of the Dadaocheng neighborhood, and the idea of art and culture as tools in Taiwan’s soft power arsenal. Ama Shen is a slim woman, with a short bobbed hairstyle mildly evoking the style of the flappers in the roaring twenties and the flowing, colorful garments one would expect from someone whose stock in trade is beautiful fabric. But behind her style lies deep questions about what it…