Up, Up and Away in Taitung

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…not Superman? Nope, even better, because while the caped Kryptonian flies solo, the hot air balloons flying the friendly skies of Taitung county are carrying people. And they’ll carry you, too, for a view of Taiwan’s magnificent East Rift Valley Scenic Area that you’ll never forget. Though hot air ballooning came late to Taiwan (our first recreational flight only occurred in 2011) we’ve taken to the sport enthusiastically! Less than a decade after our first hot air balloon flight and Taiwan is considered a major destination for international ballooning aficionados, with Taitung county’s Luye Township being the epicenter of Taiwan’s ballooning balloon culture. Flying happens year-round over the valley (weather permitting, of course), but the event that draws close to a million hot air balloon enthusiasts annually is the Taiwan International Balloon Festival, a 38-day long event that runs…