Pingtung: Expect the Unexpected (Part one of two)

One of these days the good folks in the Taiwan Motto Making & Sloganeering Bureau will listen to me and adopt Taiwan: Expect the Unexpected as the official slogan of Taiwan tourism. For now I’ll just have to appropriate it as the title for this story about three surprise-filled days I spent in Pingtung, Taiwan’s southernmost county. I’d come with a group of Internet Media professionals from Malaysia and Hong Kong. Like me, my fellow journalists knew Pingtung primarily as that part of Taiwan where Kenting is, and as such were mostly expecting beach oriented activities. I’ll get to the sea kayaking in a bit, after listing a few of the activities that I didn’t expect to encounter out of the way: I did not expect to find myself riding a four wheel ATV across sand dunes in a chunk of Taiwan so remote it might well have been the…

3 Ideas For Family, Couples, and Friends To Travel Around Taiwan

For those who never been to Taiwan or just spent a short stay in Taiwan, we’d love to tell  you there’re a lot more than your expectation that this small island can give you. We specially designed 3 different ways for you to explore around Taiwan. Whoever you travel with, family, friends, or lovers, you can always find there’s so much to see from one end of the island to the other and hope to back here again! For FAMILY : Taiwan is small, but with abundant natural resources, including mountains and beaches. Here are our top suggestions for family trips in Taiwan. National Palace Museum and Yehliu Geopark are both incredible masterpieces separately from human beings and natural world. If you’re in Tainan, definitely can’t miss Anping Tree House. It’s an amazing reminder of how nature works and prevail. Travel to eastern part of Taiwan, a stop in National Museum of Prehistory to get to know the…