Gong Xi Fa Cai ! How to Spend Chinese New Year in Taiwan?

 CNY holidays start from Jan 27th to Feb 1st, and 2017 is the year of rooster in chinese lunar calendar. During this time, there’re going to be many different kind of chinese traditional activities around Taiwan. If you happened to be in Taiwan these days, here are tips for you to be more like locals to enojoy Chinese New Year holiday! 1.Year-end Clean Up Before Chinese New Year, Taiwanese will spend days for year-end clean up. It means we get rid off all the bad luck during the past year and welcome a fresh new year. 2.New Year’s Shopping If you’re in Taiwan, do not miss markets for new year’s shopping in Dadaocheng! Not just food, but also candies and new year decoration. For foreigners, they are the perfect places for you to enjoy CNY atmosphere! 3.Gambling Taiwanese are crazy about gambling at CNY. Pokers, dice, and mahjong are the most common choices. Some…

A Fine Pair – Siraya National Scenic Area and Chiayi City

A few days spent exploring Siraya National Scenic Area, one of Taiwan’s newest NSA creations, matched with a day in the quiet, history-rich city of Chiayi, is time wisely spent.   Text: Rick Charette Photos: Chen Cheng-kuo Hot-spring bathing at Guanziling Are there certain sounds that set off a wave of happiness in you? When I was a boy, two of my favorites were the jingles of the “chip man” and “ice-cream man” as they drove truck and bike, respectively, up the street where I lived. One of my favorite Taiwan sounds is the recorded chime you hear on High Speed Rail trains before stops are announced. To me this is the sound of adventure, and an HSR ride is a bit of a miracle: You hop on a train in a big, busy city (Taipei for me), and have just closed your eyes for a nap when the chime…