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Bicycling in Sun Moon Lake

Offering crystal blue water surrounded by amazing temples, bamboo forests and mountains on all sides, Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s most visited attraction. The waters are blue and deep (it’s the largest body of water on the island), and the reflection of the mountains and clouds dancing across the lake itself have inspired poets for generations. But Sun Moon Lake is also an excellent spot for cyclists, thanks to the 30-kilometer long loop extending around the lake’s perimeter. While only some of the road is considered a dedicated cycling path, the sections that aren’t are so beautiful that the few cars and buses you’ll pass along the way tend to drive slowly. Their drivers, after all, are as intent with soaking up the scenery as any other visitors to the area. The overall beauty and bicycle friendliness of Sun Moon Lake has not gone unnoticed by the world at large.…

Pedaling Along -The Green, Smart Way to Move About and Get to Know Taiwan

Text: Nick Kembel Photos: Betty Fan Bicycling has become one of the most popular leisure activities in Taiwan over the past decade or so, and because of this popularity, riding has become increasingly convenient for both local residents and foreign visitors. From about 2005 to 2009, Taiwan was rife with bike fever. What had once been a niche recreational activity suddenly exploded into the mainstream. Developing in parallel to the burgeoning popularity of cycling was a proliferation of bike paths and dedicated bike lanes. And just when the trend seemed to be subsiding, Kaohsiung, Taipei, Taichung, and even smaller centers such as Changhua introduced public bike-rental systems, spawning a new generation of urban cycling enthusiasts. Below we will explore the rise of Taiwan’s love for cycling, give visitors the necessary info to tap into it, and lastly step into an up-and-coming bicycle shop to see what’s out there for cyclists…