Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…not Superman?

Nope, even better, because while the caped Kryptonian flies solo, the hot air balloons flying the friendly skies of Taitung county are carrying people. And they’ll carry you, too, for a view of Taiwan’s magnificent East Rift Valley Scenic Area that you’ll never forget.

Photos courtesy of Taitung Government
Photos courtesy of Taitung Government

Though hot air ballooning came late to Taiwan (our first recreational flight only occurred in 2011) we’ve taken to the sport enthusiastically! Less than a decade after our first hot air balloon flight and Taiwan is considered a major destination for international ballooning aficionados, with Taitung county’s Luye Township being the epicenter of Taiwan’s ballooning balloon culture.

Photos courtesy of Taitung Government
Photos courtesy of Taitung Government

Flying happens year-round over the valley (weather permitting, of course), but the event that draws close to a million hot air balloon enthusiasts annually is the Taiwan International Balloon Festival, a 38-day long event that runs from the last week in June through the first week in August. During the festival, the skies above the valley become a riot of color as scores of hot air balloons float gracefully as far as the eye can see.  

Cyclists have known for decades that the long corridor nestled gently between Taiwan’s central and coastal mountains is ideally suited for cycling, and the area’s unique topography is equally perfect for ballooning. Thermodynamics are key, and having mountain ranges to the east and west provide an ideal flying corridor over the lush and beautiful valley lying between.

Photos courtesy of Taitung Government
Photos courtesy of Taitung Government

Hot air ballooning generally occurs in the hours just around dawn and dusk (making for some exceptionally beautiful sunrise and sunset photos) leaving the middle of the day free for cycling, exploring the area’s tribal culture, bird watching and day hikes in the nearby hills and mountains, and even quick trips out to the beach. 

Check out the Taiwan Events Calendar  for more information about the festival itself, and check out all the tours offered by MyTaiwanTour that go to our magnificent East Coast.

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